from medicine to painting

During my long lasting medical carreer I used, amongst others, various siringes, cannulas, tubes. In my painting I use them as well.
In medicine drugs flow through the cannulas. On my canvas paint flows through it, thick and thin, colorful and grey, as lines, dots, drops or spirals. I use the brush for the motives of my paintings. The siringes and cannulas provide the fine and precise.
Only the tools still connect my painting with the medicine. For the topics for my images I look in other areas of my live. Thus I would like to inspire reflection.....
....This may be a different kind of treatment....

1951 born in Stettin, Poland
1969-1975 Medicine studies
1976 Departure to Germany
1980-1982 "Freies Kunstatelier" Dortmund, art school with Erich Krian and Ulrich Ahlheim (free-lance artists, graduates of Kunstakademie Düsseldorf)
1981 Exhibition "Freies Kunstatelier", Dortmund
1984 Exam medical specialist in Münster - anesthesiologist
1985 "Träumereien und Stimmungen", St. Marien Hospital, Gelsenkirchen Buer
2000 Tagesklinik, Essen - solo show
2006 "Das Girardethaus", Essen - solo show
2007 Art auction "Kunst fördert Kinder", Round-Table in Lueg Mercedes Essen, for the benefit of child poverty in Essen - group show
2007-2009 Gallery "Mal-was-anderes" Berlin Prenzlauer Berg, showroom and studio
2009 "della Rovere - Kunst im Pferdestall", Kunsthof Berlin Mitte
2009-2010 "Das Licht/Der Schatten/Die Kunst - 45 Positionen", Kunsthaus Potsdam - group show
2010 "Bunte Stimmungen ", bel étage, Schwerin - solo show
2010 "World of Art ", Urania, Berlin - group show
2010-2011 "FASZINATION: FRAGMENT", Kunstverein Kunsthaus Potsdam - group show
2011 Galerie im Kunsthof "Kunst im Pferdestall", Berlin Mitte
2011 BAGL Berlin-Kreuzberg - group show
2011 Internationaler Club, Auswärtiges Amt, Berlin - solo show
2011 Galerie Spazittagoni, Rom/I - group show
2011 Kunst Leben Berlin - group show
2011 "East Meets West", Forum Factory, Berlin-Mitte - group show
2011 "Les Montmartrois de Berlin", Galerie Alte Brauerei, Berlin - group show
2011 BAGL Berlin-Mitte - group show
Oct-Dec 2011 Galerie EAGL Berlin - group show
Dec 2011-Jan 2012 "stabile-instabile", Kunstverein Kunsthaus Potsdam - group show
2012 "Quadrati" Galerie EAGL Berlin-Charlottenburg - group show
2012 Philharmony Berlin - group show
2012 "Trialog" Berlin Schöneberg - group show
2012 "bel étage", Schwerin - solo show
March-April 2013 Mannheim - group show
April-June 2013 Galerie Grognard, Rueil - Malmaison bei Paris - group show
2013-open end Daimlerstadt Schorndorf - permanent exhibition
Sept. 2013 Komet Berlin-Kreuzberg - solo show
2014 Beauty-Style-Club Berlin-Charlottenburg - permanent exhibition group show
Jan-March 2014 Presshaus Oranienburg-Eden - solo show
July-Sept. 2014 Galerie "Aedium" Hennigsdorf by Berlin - solo show
Jan-May 2015 Daimlerstadt Schorndorf - APB Galerie - permanent exhibition
Jan 2015-open end Beauty-Style-Club Berlin Charlottenburg - permanent exhibition group show
2015-open end Kulturverein Oranienburg-Eden permanent exhibition
June 2015 Galeria  "La Varicella"  Rom/Italien - group show
Feb-March 2016 Art House Gallery Venedig/ Italien - group show
Feb-March 2016 "Kunstagentur" Berlin – group show
April-July  2016 "Kunsthalle" der Sparkasse Oranienburg  –  solo show

Elzbieta della Rovere is member of Berufsverband Bildender Künstler Berlin